Why risk running into the guys when you could just plan the perfect send-off to marital bliss at Posh? What could be more perfect…all the girls, spa services at your disposal and lots of food and drinks? Plus, no lame pick-up lines…

Pole Dancing Party

C’mon – admit it. We’ve all secretly wanted to work the pole – whether it be as a strategic career move, a birthday gift for hubby or just all in fun! We’ve got the pole, the instructor and the sultry vibes that will get you upside down in no time! The best part is that we all leave feelin’ hip and foxy. Do you think this is what JT meant when he said he was bringing sexy back?

Girls Night Out

Why bother with tiresome nightclubs when you can just sit back and hit a lounge for an evening? Sure, you can still gab with the girls, play loud tunes, and even work the pole, but doesn’t a pedicure lounge sound that much more….relaxing? Besides, at the end of this party you go home all primped and polished…how does that sound for a change?

Mom Friendly
Wednesday Mornings

Just because there’s a babe in tow, doesn’t mean a girl has to sacrifice her perfect 10’s! Wednesday mornings are set aside for mama bears (and their wee ones) so you can get that mani or pedi, without having to organize a sitter or try to schedule around a newborn’s unpredictable feeding times. A perfect gift for a new mom!

Princess and Teen Diva
Birthday Parties

The Posh Pedicure Lounge is the place for girlie girls…no matter what her age! If hosting a palace get together for an entourage of princesses is not your thing – leave it up to Posh…we throw the best parties in our pink and leopard lounge! The best part is that you can sit and enjoy a pedi too while the princesses get pampered and eat pink cupcakes!

Posh Pedicure Lounge