Where on earth can the
glam-pusses prowl when all the
girls are clamoring for a get together?
Clever gals know about Posh
– the pedicure lounge where the girls
can gather, catch up and unwind
in a den of pink and leopard,
all while basking in the delight of
the perfect mani and pedi!

The Story Of Posh

What started out as a lunch date conversation, has quickly turned into a reality for owner Penny Rumming. Her vision was to create a “Diva Den” of sorts where girls could gather in a fun atmosphere and have a social evening out - a spa that focused on pedicure parties, to be exact. “It’s almost an anti-spa experience”. “There’s nothing quaint or mellow about the place. It’s more about having fun and unwinding with the girls”. No Enya. No nature sounds. No boys. (Well...maybe...apparently they've been clamoring to experience a Posh Pedi too).

Penny Rumming
Posh Pedicure Lounge